Signs of Vehicle Neglect

Can you name the 7 deadly sins of vehicle neglect?


1. Oil System: Sludge filled crankcase and excessive engine wear.

The solution: Do more than just change your oil. Have your oil system thoroughly cleaned and wear-protected for longer engine life.

2. Fuel System: Clogged fuel injectors and milease-robbing intake deposits

The solution: Regular cleaning and fuel performance treatments to restore power and mileage

3. Transmission System: Overheated, neglected fluid, clogged filtration system and hardened seals

The solution: Regular flushing, fuel protection treatments and replacement of filters for long life and smooth operation.

4. Cooling System: Clogging rust and corrosion, leaks, and coolant breakdown

The solution: Regular flushing and protection treatments to avoid overheating

5. Power Steering System: Suspended particles and accumulated residue

The solution:  Periodic flushing and protection treatments to ensure dependable steering

6. Brake System: Dirty, noisy, unsafe components and low fluid levels

The solution: Regular fluid maintenance, brake system inspection and lubrication of key components for quiet, safe stops

7. Maintenance System: Dirt, excessive wear, rust, corrosion and squeaks

The solution: Regular use of high-quality Might V57 lubricants, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and general maintenance products.