Oil Change

Our famous 22-point service check

When you need an oil change in Waco, Texas, you need more than an oil change. Our standard service includes a 22-point check that consists of the following:


  1. Change Oil (up to 5 quarts)
  2. Replace Oil Filter
  3. Lubricate Chassis
  4. Check Differential (first pound free)
  5. Check 4×4 transmission case & front differential fluid
  6. Visually Check Fluid Leaks
  7. Check Transmission/Axle Fluid (first pint free)
  8. Check Brake Fluid
  9. Check Power Steering Fluid
  10. Check Air Filter
  11. Check PCV Valve
  12. Check Windshield Washer Fluid
  13. Visually Check Radiator Reservoir
  14. Check Battery (if not sealed)
  15. Check Fan Belts, Hoses, & Battery Terminals
  16. Windshield Wiper Check
  17. Visually Check Exhaust System
  18. Clean Front & Rear Windows
  19. Vacuum Floor Boards
  20. Lubricate Door Hinges if needed
  21. Set Tire Pressure
  22. Provide DataChamp Service History

Plus access to the Champion Car Wash across the street. Self-wash bays or Jetclean Brushless Carwash

We are Waco’s favorite fast oil change, lube, and car wash. Come visit us! Baylor students are welcome.